Linotype Compatil
Linotype Compatil is the first comprehensive type system which enables all typographical elements to be used to full effect in order to reproduce the message conveyed by text information. Four different type styles with a total of 16 weights have been merged into a unique typographical network. There are now no limits to the font user's creativity.

The system is a product of technical innovation and constitutes a new design approach which meets the highest aesthetic standards.

For almost 2 years, a team of experts from Linotype Library has been working with initiator Professor Olaf Leu under the direction of Silja Bilz and Professor Reinhard Haus to create the Linotype Compatil font system.

Despite the Internet and TV, it is essential today to be able to absorb information quickly by being able to read it with ease – a fact that is becoming increasingly important both on-screen and on paper. It is the role of the font to increase legibility and to ensure typographically perfect results for text design work.

The new Compatil type system meets all these needs.

The transition from an information society to a knowledge-based one is well underway. The explosive growth in information is also being accompanied by an increase in the amount we read. Magazines that are several hundred pages thick, reams of documentation, news services and newspapers, millions of new websites and billions of new e-mails and files exchanged daily – all these mean that we as readers have to be able to garner the information we need quickly and thoroughly and must be able to communicate efficiently.

Ease of reading is therefore the first priority for designers and typographers. At the same time, texts and layouts must not become bland, each a mere copy of the other. How is it possible though to combine a diversity of creative design with the need to reduce text matter to the absolutely essential? The concept that the Linotype Compatil font system is based on provides an answer – "unity through diversity". This means that the variety of styles and possibilities for combining the 16 font weights guarantee a harmonized, easy-to-read text.

The Linotype Compatil type system uses typographic finesse to guide the reader's eye and ensure that information can be absorbed quickly and easily.

The esthetic concept behind Linotype Compatil combines various emotional forms of expression of compatible font styles. Compatil Text – because of its specific semantic profile – is mid-way between "narrative" and "objective". Its features include "reportive, reserved, stringent". Compatil Fact lies somewhere between "objective" and "informative" and comes across as "sober, functional and stable". Compatil Letter is "discriminating, stable" and can be categorized as lying between the parameters "informative" and "poetical". Compatil Exquisit comes full circle and occupies a position somewhere between "poetical" and "narrative" and can be characterized as "representative and high-quality".

These fundamental forms of expression and emotional characteristics cover all possible areas of application in order to ensure effective text design. This benefits all aspects of corporate communication, ensuring that Linotype Compatil is a key element in a company's corporate identity. Its excellent legibility both on paper and on screen make it ideal for financial communication. Improved design of the numerals make financial account texts and tables far easier to read than is normally the case.

Summary: Linotype Compatil combines maximum utilization with simple yet effective design and the highly innovative composition of the type system. The ease-of-use and ability to freely interchange characters within different styles of the same weights sets no limits on the typographer's design creativity.